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Get this from a library! Modern cosmology: anisotropies and inhomogeneities in the universe. [Scott Dodelson] -- An advanced text for senior undergraduates.
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Integrated cosmological probe combination - Nicola, Andrina. JHEP arXiv Inflation: Generic predictions and nilpotent superfields - Coone, Andries Alexander.

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Cosmological models of dark energy: theory and observations - Avsajanishvili, Olga arXiv Tetrad formalism for exact cosmological observables - Mitsou, Ermis et al. Optimizing galaxy samples for clustering measurements in photometric surveys - Tanoglidis, Dimitrios et al. D no. Entropy production in inflation from spectator loops - Friedrich, Pavel et al.

Cosmic topology: a brief overview

The superpotential method in cosmological inflation - Adam, C. Viscosity in cosmic fluids - Bhatt, Jitesh R.

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Non-comoving Cosmology - Cembranos, J. A null test to probe the scale-dependence of the growth of structure as a test of General Relativity - Franco, Felipe Oliveira et al. D99 no. C78 no. Bose-Einstein-condensed scalar field dark matter and the gravitational wave background from inflation: new cosmological constraints and its detectability by LIGO - Li, Bohua et al.

D96 no. Cosmological probes of neutrino masses - Pastor, S. Fermi Leptogenesis - Riotto, A. Light neutrinos in cosmology - Pastor, S.

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D arXiv B arXiv Dynamical systems applied to cosmology: dark energy and modified gravity - Bahamonde, Sebastian et al. Measuring gravity at cosmological scales - Amendola, Luca et al. This provides what is the most complete such description in any textbook. The topic of weak gravitational lensing is also handled well.

The young author is an active researcher in theoretical cosmology whose enthusiasm for the subject is evident throughout, and whose selection of topics reflects his areas of greatest expertise. The inclusion of many worked examples will make this book a very good choice for a graduate course.

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For researchers, the treatment of data analysis will be particularly valuable. For both CMB, from WMAP and the future more data intensive Planck mission, and for LSS from the Sloan Digital Sky and 2dF surveys, as well as even larger galaxy surveys in the future, the quality and quantity of the raw data set are such that straightforward algorithms are too slow even with the fastest available computers. Thus considerable creativity and intelligence are needed to optimize such an analysis.

It is interesting that a similar situation must exist for raw data from high-energy particle colliders such as from the Tevatron at Fermilab and the future LHC collider at CERN. It is therefore very welcome that, for both CMB and galaxy surveys, Dodelson leads us masterfully through the likelihood function and sophisticated mathematical techniques for its evaluation All areas of cosmology are discussed in considerable mathematical detail.

The book is more comprehensive than most similar books on the market, e. A considerable amount of relativity is included, and students would have to be familiar with tensor analysis. There are a large number of exercises at the ends of the chapters, with solutions to selected exercises at the end of the book. Anyone working through all these exercises would be well equipped to work in the area. The chapters on gravitational lensing and gravitational waves are particularly interesting, but the author also does a good job on inflation theory and the theory of the early universe.


His discussion of the early universe, however, is not as extensive as Edward W. Kolb and Michael S. Turner's in The Early Universe Dodelson's book is well illustrated with both line diagrams and photos. The Monster Bookshop is an online bookshop established in is committed to offering great savings on used and new books.


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